Since many years the positive effects of ozone in medical treatments are well known and different techniques are in use. In most cases the objective is to stimulate the immune system and to trigger a reinforcement of the organism. The most popular treatments are autohemotherapy and colonic insufflation.

What is the Therapy by Ozone Intraperitoneal Injection (IPO)?

This way of ozone treatment was first introduced as an experimental procedure in medicine in the beginning of the year 2008 and since then used as treatment for malignant cancer in all stages.

How is it carried out?

During a therapy session an individually calculated volume of ozone is infused directly into the abdominal cavity by means of an apparatus. After a retention time of approx. 90 min, the residual gas is left off. This treatment is applied in a short anesthesia in order to avoid any pain to the patient.

For preparation an abdominal catheder is implemented by a surgeon once in a small ambulantory session. The catheder is used for the whole series of IPO-treatments and therefore stays in the abdominal wall.

How does the IPO treatment works?

In the underlying study surprisingly cancer healings were achieved in animal testing which could only be explained by a massive increase of immunity condition. A clarification of this mechanism of action is subject to actual follow-on studies at the University Giessen-Marburg. The positive impacts being observed were not comparable with any other ozone treatment currently in use. Until now no unwanted side-effects are noticed caused by this kind of ozone exposure on patients.

Who pays for the treatment?

The IPO treatment takes place is in the course of a so called "individual healing attempt" on malignant diseases. The costs could be taken over by private health insurance funds on an individual base of decision. To raise a claim on reimbursement of costs is not applicable.