The Advanced Medicine consists of a set of methods proofen and tested since long time. The objective is to find weaknesses in the body and to therapy them. Special emphasis is placed on the gentle and holistic approach.

The Advanced Medicine combines the tradition of natural medicine with the conventional medicine. This practice involves seven basic principles of healing ...


Hyperthermia means a condition of the body where it produces or absorbs more heat that it can dissipate. Cancer cells are more heat-sensitive than healthy cells and their structure reacts differently to overheating. The therapy derived from hyperthermia has been further developed and is in use today as OncoTherapy, a therapy option which is highly sophisticated and extremely effective.


IPT is an alternative medicine therapy that uses a well directed insulin injection followed by a medically monitored hypoglycaemia. This therapy is known since more than 80 (!) years and has been proven to medically treat many diseases in a particularly favourable way.